Two Hot New Fitness Supplement Companies

Today I’m going to tell you about two different companies.  One is called Phen 375, which makes a weight loss pill.  The other, more interesting option, is called BioTrust Nutrition.

Organic Supplements From BioTrust

The creators of this organic line of supplements were coerced into launching this range because they could not find an organic brand on the market that did not use harmful chemicals in their products. Most supplement users have been at some point prey to deceitful advertising. Most supplements claim to have some kind of miracle ingredient in a certain amount while they may have added only a small amount of it so that you keep purchasing the item again and again to solve your deficiency or health problem. Also since the supplement industry is not certified or checked by the FDA, you simply cannot trust every brand out there that claims to do wonders for your overall health. BioTrust does not carry out fraudulent practices of any kind and they are known for using completely natural ingredients without over-processing them.

They have a number of products that are divided into a few different need based sections. There are certain supplements which are great for maintaining health and curing small issues such as bloating or improper digestion and there are certain products chiefly for weight and fat loss and then some for muscle building. Buy according to your needs and bear in mind that all their products are perfectly safe and natural and have no known side effects since they are all industrial grade and tested. If you are looking to burn some fat you may consider buying the BioTrust Protein Cookies and Bars. They both have different amounts of protein and fiber in them and they wonderful for the digestive system as well as for calorie control while or after you have been working out. They also contain helpful digestive enzymes which aid in reducing bloating and stomach pain which can be caused by improper digestion.  Learn about Biotrust on this page.  You’ll see all products in deep review.

LeptiBurn is another brilliant alternative when you are on a fat loss regime and are being careful about what you take into the body. Leptin is the most powerful fat burning hormone that is present in your body but usually it is produced in small amounts. If you want to pump up your weight loss scales, taking a supplement like LeptiBurn might be key in increasing fat burning hormones and making your regime more effective in a shorter period of time. Your body will also become more sensitive of leptin with time which will make it easier for you to drop the pounds. IC-5 is another product that is brilliant for fat loss as it pumps up your sensitivity to insulin making it more effective in breaking down sugars rather than letting them deposit in the body. Many people gain weight because their body is producing inadequate levels of insulin which is leading their blood sugar to rise and new fat deposits to be made. IC-5 is brilliant for controlling and regulating blood sugar levels and aiding nutrient absorption as well as building essential muscle.

If your interest is more inclined towards building muscle and you are past the weight loss phase and entering into some serious body building you will find many of BioTrust’s products useful such as BellyTrim XP, BCAA Matrix, and BioTrust Low Carb amongst others. BioTrust Low Carb is a trusted product in the fitness community mostly because it is entirely free from hormones, harmful enzymes and steroids that many fitness related supplements nowadays contain. This supplement has four essential proteins in it which are all time-released and exactly what your body needs when it is undergoing stressful exercise. The protein builds up muscle without contributing excess calories or unhealthy fats to the body. In total you will only consume a mere 4 grams of carbs in every serving. BCAA Matrix does something slightly different than the BioTrust Low Carb. This supplement aids in muscle retention which is a problem for most people who are on weight loss regimes at the same time as muscle building. The supplement is almost entirely made up of industrial grade L-leucine which helps maximize muscle retention to the fullest. The supplement is also an easy absorb formula which enters your system quickly and does not require a long time to be effective. BCAA Matrix will keep you going even when you are off your diet and it will combat weight loss as an aftermath of discontinuing the diet making it superbly effective.

A review of Phen 375.

What can I say?  This is among the top weight loss supplements money can buy today. It’s quick acting, helps assist in weight loss when combined with a fitness regiment, and also helps suppress appetite, which is always a good thing.  Here’s a quick video from someone who believes highly in Phen 375.

V2 Cigs Coupon Codes Will Save You Money

V2 Cgis is a brand engineered to create the best ecig out there for the best and most competitive price. The components that V2 Cigs are made out of are all locally sourced and the suppliers are well reputed. Quality is a given with this brand and most customers rely on it which explains the positive reviews on most active ecig forums. Like its high-end rivals, V2 Cigs thoroughly tests each batch before it ever reaches stores which guarantees great quality and consistency in production. V2 is also very open about what it puts into its flavor mixtures and all ingredients and chemicals are listed in detail.  Pick out a discount for V2 Cigs and enjoy these fine electronic cigarette devices at a fraction of the cost.

Packaging And Starter kits

There is a range of six starter kits and the price range starts from $34.95 upwards to more than $175. It all depends on how much you can spend and the major difference you will find between the cheaper kits and the more expensive ones is the battery itself. You get a more powerful battery and more adaptors when you buy the Couples kit for example. The cheapest way to try out V2 cigs is by buying from their disposable range or by buying the Express kit for $35. The kits are still cost effective as buying items individually is not only inconvenient but more expensive as well. The Ultimate kit gives you some 25 cartridges of flavors along with charger adaptors and two cases. In the case of V2, it is a worthwhile investment especially since the flavor refills last a reasonable amount of time.

Flavor Ranges

V2 has the safest e-liquids around since all ingredients are USA sourced and the exact compositions and ratios are revealed to the customers. The brand does use Propylene Glycol which has been approved by the FDA and is not the same as the glycol that is used to make anti-freeze.  All the ingredients are completely safe and they pass the basic safety guidelines. V2 Cigs does a few different ranges so that it is easier for the vaper to choose what they are in the mood for. They have a red label tobacco range in which you get a Turkish flavor and an American Tobacco taste. There are a few standard menthol and mint flavors and they come in variations. Some dessert flavors are also present such as Cherry and Coffee although they are fairly generic and nothing too special.

Nicotine Strengths

V2 Cigs offers you a lot of freedom when it comes to choosing the nicotine strength for the ecig you have bought. There are five different strengths to choose from which is ample for most vapers even for the choosier ones of us. You can even opt for no nicotine mixtures and lighter nicotine levels if you are desperately trying to cut out the addictive chemical from your life. Customer service is another bright spot on the radar for V2 Cigs as company representatives are always there to answer any queries you may have or if you are unsure about what your nicotine level should be.

Battery Power

V2 Cigs make different batteries and the lasting power increases the more you spend on a starter kit. They have both manual and automatic batteries and on the whole their batteries do last. One charge will get you through four hours of use which is a good amount of time when compared with the high-end batteries that cost a lot more. You can easily get by an entire week without having to charge if you only vape every now and then. There is a standard 250 puffs in each charge.

V2 Coupon Codes

V2 is known for their generous provision of coupon codes. Often they give as much as 40% off on all stock especially around the holiday season. There is one drawback though, that since this is a very popular company, and they often run out of stock which causes massive inconveniences to their customers along with delays in shipping and delivery. It is imperative to utilize the code in time before the other customers get to it and also so your favorite item doesn’t get sold out. The same goes for flavors as most people try to use codes on bulk purchases and timing proves to be just as crucial.

The Importance of Driving Traffic with SEO

So, as I was writing the V2 discount entry, I thought to myself, this sure is a great offer for people who use their products.  How can I share this with more people?

The simple answer, is get more traffic.  But to get more traffic, you need a boost in Google.  This is what people call search engine optimization, or SEO for short.

Today, I’ll talk about a tool that could help me, and you, do just that.  I learned this from my friend, who owns a Fort Lauderdale SEO company.

The Right SEO Tool For Driving Traffic To Your Website

If you have set up your own website and are looking for ways to market it properly, you will have to look deeper into what is known as SEO. SEO, or search engine optimization, looks to enhance the visibility of your website in search engines such as Google.

The Right SEO Tool: SEO Submission Software 

SEO Submission software is used to market websites to increase their visibility on search engines. With the help of the software, the owner of the website is saved from unwanted hassles and tensions of running and marketing the website.

Once you get an SEO submission software, it will make you the administrator of your website and allow you to submit the site to search engines by only a few clicks. The SEO submission software guarantees an increase in traffic inflow to your website by improving and increasing the details of your website. The internet today has thousands of search engines and you can probably tap in to hundreds of them and submit your website by using the right SEO tool.

Benefits Of Investing In SEO Submission Software 

If you want to make an impact online, SEO submission software will get you a long way. Here are the top benefits of investing in SEO submission software:

  • Allows you to save and make a lot of money. You cannot have clients without viewers and no clients means no profits. If you want a profit generating website, you should definitely consider giving SEO a lot of importance
  • Another benefit of SEO submission software is that it allows you to save a lot of time. Saving time in any business is as important as any other thing. Time is equal to money and that is what is true in the case of money making in businesses. A SEO submission software will help you save a lot of time by submitting RSS feeds, bookmarks and others quicker than the usual way of submission
  • SEO submission software also involves lesser hassle and provides greater benefits. You will not have to do anything manually i.e. no manual setting up of accounts or content submission with such software. A SEO submission software comes with built in websites that you can simply choose and submit your content in.
  • Other benefits of a SEO submission software include monitoring of your progress and therefore, effective planning of your website.

No matter what you do online, you need traffic.  Law firm seo can help lawyers get more cases.  It’s a fact, and that’s the bottom line.


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